Test Equipment Design

R. L. Bunn & Associates has been designing and supporting sophisticated testing equipment for over 20 years. While most of the systems have been in support of the aerospace industry, there have been numerous projects in the oil and gas industry as well. Our projects have included both field erected and modular / transportable systems. Typical examples of projects are:

Hail Simulator for aircraft heat exchanger qualification testing

The system, which included the ice ball production system, hurled 1" ice balls at 300 mph, +/- 5 mph at test cores. The system was produced in less time than a commercial unit at less thn 50% of the cost, including third-party engineering cost and in-house production expenses. R. L. Bunn was responsible for process engineering, mechanical design, component specification, fabrication supervision and start-up / commissioning.

Thermal Cycling system for a military aircraft heat exchanger

The qualification requirements called for 5000 cycles of thermal cycling with 150 pound per minute of 90 psig air from 400 F to 1200 F, each complete cycle to be a total of 90 seconds with substantial soak time in the middle and very precise limits on soak temperatures. An innovative heating system was designed which reduced the overall system cost dramatically and allowed the very difficult cycling conditions to be met. While the original system was designed as a one-time facility, it has been refitted and reused numerous times over the last 15 years, producing substantial financial benefit to the owner. R. L. Bunn was responsible for process engineering, mechanical design, component specification, fabrication supervision and start-up / commissioning.

 Enhanced Heat Transfer Surface performance evaluation test system

Calcium Chloride / Magnesium Chloride pilot plant

The customer had a significant source of high magnesium-chloride / calcium chloride brine. They wished to develop a market for the mag chloride prior to embarking on the commercial plant. To produce the product for evaluation by their prospective customers it was decided that a pilot plant would be built to a) evaluate product purity, and b) gain experience with the process. R. L. Bunn provided project engineering / facilities engineering, construction supervision, process contractor liason, and commissioning support. The pilot plant was a success.

Direct Contact Combustion System

As a result of an in-house downhole steam generator project, significant technology in the area of elevated pressure / totally enclosed combustion was developed. This technology was extended to direct contact air heating at 100 psig and direct contact steam generation at slightly super-atmospheric pressure. Both of these technologies were produced commercially and proved to be technically successful.

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Cold Soak qualification test

A heat-exchanger remanufacturer had a requirement to qualify their repair at -40 F. Conventional wisdom produced testing costs that seriously degreded the economics of the project. R. L. Bunn designed a system that cost-effectively completed the testing requirements, under budget and on time. R. L. Bunn provided process design, flowsheet and P&ID responsibility, major equipment specification and commissioning / start-up.

ACM Test Cell - Field Erected

Air Cycle Machines require moderate temperature ( to 450 F) and moderate pressure (90 - 110 psig) process air that is cleaned to very strict levels to protect air bearings and other small clearance parts in the machines. R.L. Bunn provided such a 210 lb/min system for a Tulsa customer, providing engineering services from conceptual engineering, through design and major equipment specification, construction supervision and start-up. Our scope of responsibility included the design of a PC based data acquisition and control system.

ACM Test Cell - Modular / Transportable

This system was slightly smaller than the Field erected unit, but ws completely mounted on two (2) mating skids. The entire system from inlet air filters through the system exhaust was mounted, piped and wired on the two skids and shipped to Florida for installation and operation. R. L. Bunn provided all technical services from preliminary engineering through pre-ship start-up on this project, once again providing the PC based data acquisition and control system.

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