Special Facilities

As we have become acquainted with new customers through word-of-mouth or association on projects we have occasionally seen opportunities to save them substantial sums of money by becoming involved in a technological area outside our normal niche. These have been universally successful, not because of some unusual information we are in control of, or a stroke of serendipity in having arrived with just the right mix of experience, but because we worked openly with our customer to design a system that best fit their needs and we worked openly and honestly with the equipment vendors to get our customers the best possible combination of cost and process capability. Keeping our customers needs ahead of our own and attention to detail allows us to produce systems that are considerably less expensive than what they would have gotten without our involvement. In addition, because we almost always have the opportunity to look beyond the limited scope of work on the job at hand and view the customers larger business scope, we are able to design systems that fit, not only into the space and budget allowed, but into their long term business plans as well.

Acid Gas Incinerator Redesign

Toluene Incinerator Redesign

Chrome reduction / Cyanide sequestering wastewater unit

Wastewater pH adjustment system

Process Water pH precision-control system

Time-averaged Integral / Differential high-rate data acquisition system software and instrumentation

Numerous custom PC-based data acquisition systems for production and development testing