Litigation Support

While litigation support is not a large part of our business it is a challenging area in which we are willing to work if we feel that we can morally and ethically support the customers needs. Typical projects have included:

Plumbing contractor / homeowner damages dispute

Evaluation of the plumbing as installed, comment on code compliance and subjectively assess the relative strength of the positions from a technical standpoint.

Combustion related death

The victim had died as a result of burns suffered upon lighting a commercial heating appliance. Our services evaluated the design of the heating system and studied the deposed facts of the case to ascertain whether or not the system had been working properly, and to assess whether design or maintenance of the equipment was implicated in the accident.

Unsatisfactory commercial hot water heating system

The defendant had sold a commercial hot water system and, during the sale, had made representations as to performance. The customer was not able to realize performance at thelevel of the representatons and requested damages from the defendant. We evalasted the design of the system and the deposed facts of the case to determine if errors and omissions had been made in the design, if engineering services had been rendered, and whether the representations of the original seller could have been realized with proper operation of the system.