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About Richard L. Bunn, P.E.

We are basically a technical services group for rent. We do special projects for our clients ranging from failure analysis to compressor installations, automated data acquisition systems to custom software, component test systems to heavy oil facilities, waste-water treating packages to fired heater systems. While at first glance these areas of endeavor seem quite far apart, there is a common thread that runs through all of our projects - in each case there are, a) specialty engineering expertise requirements in the areas of heat transfer, fluid flow or combustion, b) critical performance, time-line or cost constraints that are difficult to meet with "off-the-shelf" equipment and services, and c) a need for a close contractor-client relationship, not only through the design phase but continuing through the start-up and commissioning phases and on into the production phases.

Richard L. Bunn, P.E. was formed in 1980 specifically to participate in the synthetic fuels "revolution" that appeared to be underway. Considerable experience in coal conversation and fluidized bed combustion, gained through graduate research at Iowa State University, industrial experience at Northern Natural Gas, DOE energy lab experience and development of an alternate fuels research program at The University of Tulsa, appeared to be a good base from which to participate in a transforming technology. The bloom on this emerging technological area was short-lived however, and bottom-line accountability constraints soon focused attention on more traditional areas of technology, such as combustion, oil and gas production and facilities related issues.

The experience gained in the natural gas gathering and transmission area, plus the years experience in both petroleum liquid pipelines and high-pressure, high-temperature fuels conversion technology all came together to develop a strong base for designing high-energy fluid test systems such as are frequently used in the aerospace business. This specialty area has been a win-win relationship for Bunn and the customers who have used our services in this area, providing us with a business that is out of synch with the energy business cycle, and that has provided our customers with effective, efficient test systems at costs far below what would normally be expected.

Through the years we have developed a loyal client list, people who know that we can produce what we say we can, and that we can be trusted to do the right thing, whether the right thing relates to commercial relationships, quality of deliverables, attention to detail or customer satisfaction.

We value our customers and we work hard to keep them happy. You are invited to contact us to discuss how we might contribute to your profitibality and growth.

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